This is Felicitas, the dredger built by Damen for an Argentine company

12 diciembre 2022

It is a detachable CSD650 cutter suction unit with a cutting power of 700 KW and a maximum dredging depth of 18 meters.

The dredger is fully removable and can be transported by truck or rail. Images: Damen.


    In the next few days, a new dredger built for the company Merco Vial S.A., by the Dutch Damen shipyard, will be sent to Argentina.

    Called Felicitas, it is a detachable CSD650 cutter suction dredger with a cutting power of 700 kW and a maximum dredging depth of -18 meters (59 ft).

damen draga

    The total length exceeds 61 meters, resulting in an impressive turning width of 63 meters and ensuring efficient operation due to the minimal time required to reposition the dredge.

    The stationary dredger is equipped with a pump room, separated from the engine room. The internal dredge pump has a mixing capacity of 7,000 m3/h.

    For Merco Vial S.A. a series of options were added such as anchoring arms, deck crane, navigation mast and production measurement system.

draga felicitas

    Merco Vial S.A. is a company that began under the general inspection of justice on August 22, 2001 in the field of construction, carrying out projects and proposing solutions ranging from design to commissioning.

draga felicitas

    It also dabbled in the application of new technologies with the integration of dredging, which allowed the establishment of a group of professionals and technicians with extensive experience.

draga felicitas

   “We are honored to have been chosen by Argentina's leading contractor to be their new provider of dredging equipment and related services, and proud to deliver on time so soon after order,” said Damen's sales manager, Ezequiel Najmias.

    “In South America, there are big developments in the infrastructure of all the big ports and docks. With the development of new ports and terminals and the deepening of the existing ones, this CSD650 with its corresponding booster will be an important contribution. The deciding factors for going with the CSD650 are its robustness, its detachable design that allows for convenient relocation, and the efficiency of the dredge with its eminent pumping and cutting capacity,” he added.